Who We Are

Tim Mitra

host, producer


Timothy Mitra is an iOS developer, instructor, podcaster, writer, editor and artist. With over 25 years of extensive knowledge of the graphic arts, digital publishing and the creative process. Tim has been developing solutions since the early nineties working with databases, web sites in php, mysql, flash, css, javascript. In 2009, Tim pivoted to focus on iOS, Objective-C, Swift and iPhone & iPad app development and has published several apps on Apple’s app store. Tim also teaches iOS and OS X development and writes articles and videos at raywenderlich.com Tim also cohosts the Roundabout: Creative Chaos podcast with Tammy.

Jaime Lopez Jr



Jaime is an experienced software developer and team lead with a focus on iOS development. He led the iOS development team at OfferUp where he helped make the buying and selling experience simpler, faster, and safer. Jaime is currently an iOS developer at Simple, where he helps make personal banking delightful. He also worked on the StoreMode™ technologies at Point Inside. Jaime often enjoys a nice cup of coffee and conversation on various topics.

Jonathan P Kuehlein



Jonathan Kuehlein (JPK to his friends) works in communications and corporate digital transformation after a long career as an award-winning journalist at media companies including the Toronto Star and Metro Toronto. He has written hundreds and hundreds of articles and reviews on comic books, video games, movies and pop culture. You can read a bunch of his work on his website, www.jpkcomics.com and if you want to chat, hit him up on Twitter where he’s @JPKnews.

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