Someone Owes Me a Beer!

Our #askSpockCast covers Pokemon and it’s surprising franchise success. Jason Momoa wants to get rid of plastic bottles. We unpack The Rise of Skywalker Trailer. Fans want a Captain Pike spinoff. We talk about some exclusives from Coca Cola for Star Wars Rise of the Resistance. Film, TV studios filing lawsuits against Canadian BitTorrent users. Avengers: Endgame footage leaked. Fox cancels The Gifted. Trio of stars added to Picard series. The Boys trailer. Swamp Thing teaser trailer. Star Trek: Discovery S02E14 – Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2. Game of Thrones – S08E01: Winterfell. The Orville S02E12 – Sanctuary. Watch List – Star Wars Disco Runway. HBO is teaching respect by putting Muppets on Game of Thrones and Westworld. After Show – Was Luke corporeal?


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