Find Project Daedalus

We fact check on After the Black, Dr Who, Saturn V, Socrates, and Aaron Ashmore. In the headlines: Apple’s Time Bandits reboot, Netflix’s Ultraman, Rotten Tomatoes deals with review-bombing, Disney princesses reimagined as career gals, Orphan Black reboot, What If…, Disney closing in on 21st Century Fox, Shang-Chi movie gets a director, NASA to open lunar samples after 50 years, more Bandersnatch, Spotify Premium now includes Hulu, and Scott Pilgrim vs Marvel & DC Comics. We dig into Star Trek: Discovery SE2E09 “Project Daedalus”. We get Jaime’s review of The Orville’s Identity two-parter. Watch List: Official (non-teaser) trailer for Avengers: Endgame


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