Why Do I Remember Tomorrow?

In the fact check: Matt Mira, go back to Discovery, the Muppet leg, Dagger of the Mind, Talos IV, and Purl. Headlines touches on the end of Arrow, an X-Men death, Coon and Wolfhard in Ghostbusters, LOTR series setting, Game of Thrones trailer, and Scotiabank Theatre demolition? The Flintstoneswomen inspire Red Dwarf, Oscars Submission Requirements, Peter Frampton Farewell Tour, and more complaints about the new Star Warstrilogy from Mark Hamill. We dive into Star Trek: Discovery S02E08 If Memory Serves. We also review The Orville two-parter, S02E08 Identity Part 1 and S02E09 Identity Part 2. Watch List: Happy Season 2, Captain Marvel, James Burke – Connections S01E08, “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”, Apollo 11 The IMAX Experience


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