The Fiery Sign & the Watchful Eye

We fact check Galaxy’s Edge, the USS Glenn, Marin Hinkle and Billy Campbell. In the headlines CBS All Access hits 4 M subscribers, Amazon’s Middle-earth map, Transformers’ origins, the end of the Punisher & Jessica Jones on Netflix, Green Eggs and Ham, Lea Thompson to return in Howard the Duck, Lightsaber dueling, raise a Porg, Twilight Zone trailer, The Wandering Earth on Netflix, and Who is Harry Nilsson? We dig into Star Trek: Discovery S02E06 The Sounds of Thunder and The Orville S02E07 Deflectors. In the Watch List: Umbrella Academy, Disco Command Training Program TShirt swag, The Man in the High Castle. We also give our predictions on the 2019 Oscars.


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