Point of Light / An Obol for Charon

We fact check on For All Mankind, Gotham, Lt Owosekun, May Ahern, Project Blue Book. In out headlines we touch on Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Bruce Wayne / Batman phone call, the new Dune film, Travelers cancelled, Legion to end, Y: The Last Man, Invincible casting, The Walking Dead renewed, Disney, free Black Panther comics, Star Trek / Rent parody, Super Bowl 2019: Game of Thrones, Toy Story 4 , Twilight Zone reboot, and Captain Marvel. This week we do a double episode review of Star Trek: Discovery’s S2E3″Point of Light” and S2E4 “An Obol for Charon”. In the watchlist: Netflix JavaScript Talks: Making Bandersnatch, Lego Movie 2, Russian Doll, Coming Soon: The Art of the Trailer.


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